#Thot in training✌

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i been watching baps for 40 seconds and I’m ready to turn this show off 

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Anonymous asked: "Drake and rih were together for a few months. (The second time they dated)"

second time?

when was the first time what

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Anonymous asked: "Dalila dragged Loren roots lol Dalila is the queen"

bruh that was wild lol

but her weak ass left fast

paccman02 asked: "THAT GIRL IS POISON. Y'all don't know nothing bout that."

lmaooo right

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i can see dalila saying some racist shit..you don’t walk into a house with a stank ass attitude

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Anonymous asked: "YAAAAAAAASSS!!! These Bitches know nothing about Poison! *Running Man*"

lmaoo u sound like my mama

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Track Title: Poison

Artist: Bell Biv Devoe

Album: Poison



Poison - Bell Biv Devoe

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Anonymous asked: "The fight really wasnt all that , thru hyped it up like it was the best fight ever you couldn't even really see cause of all the edit"

the editing on this season is the worse

they won’t show the whole fight anymore 

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Anonymous asked: "so this is my first time watching bgc and it seems so boring. which was the best season?"

7 and 9

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